Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday 5th December

On Saturday we had the best weather of the whole build. Our mission was to put the posts and rails for the side fence in and do the boxing for the shed floor. We had a great day with incredible team work. There were a mob mixing concrete, others digging holes and others setting the posts in place. Ron the landscaper was there with his machinery and an auger to dig our holes for us. Noel and Allan got stuck into the shed floor. 

It was great to see such commitment to the task with people filling in where ever they were needed. Around 20 posts went in, then the rails were attached. In spite of many people working and the lines getting touched, the posts looked very straight at the end of the day. 

Dave "Rogo" is an American student who is headed home for Christmas. Saturday was his last day on the job. Dave has been on the job nearly every Saturday. He has ridden his bike up the hill to Halfway Bush. He has quietly worked away, learning heaps and being a great workmate. At lunch time it was very moving when Mike made an appropriate speech and presented Dave with a painted stone. The designs on the stone spoke of Dave's personality, his work and his contribution to the house and the family. There was also a card to go with the stone. We with Mike and family say a big "thank you" to Dave for his work, for his company and companionship on the build. He promises to be on our next build. 

We had a great day with a great "feel" to it. Ron the landscaper is an awesome guy who gave us heaps. Richard and Ron did a great job in leading us. The neighbour invited us to take some of his beer, so a few of us finished the day with a quiet one sitting in the lounge.

Photos: From the bottom to the top.

(a) The early posts going in with the team work starting.

(b) Dave gets a warm hug from Christine as the presentation is made.

(c) & (d) The both sides of the decorated rock. The hammerhead shark can be seen on one side.

(e) Dave celebrates something right near the end of the job with only one rail to go.