Monday, November 30, 2009

Saturday 28th November report..

Our generous landscaper arrived with his expertise and machinery and laid out the gardens. People wheeled soil and gravel all around the section. The rotary hoe got a good workout, but nearly towed Jeff next door. Clothes line poles were established, gates hung and the inside of the house cleaned again.  It was good to see Dave back with us after his tramping adventures and Greg and Nadine and the dogs. Elizabeth brought her much appreciated short bread, and chairman Colin had trouble with his gearbox after towing the rotary hoe trailer. We enjoyed yet another day on site. When we finish the house we will miss our Saturday friends! ... but our target date is the house dedication on December 20th! We will make it.... hopefully the painters will attack it this week.... fingers crossed.


(1) Dave praying... "Lord stop these people wheeling wheelbarrows past me!" ... no he's really building the back door step.

(2) Allan and young Dave "hanging about" - installing the clothesline pole.

(3) Council staff leaning on their tools during working time! --- no sorry... chairman Colin and Allan deep in discussion about ... I'm sure it was work related! They are hiding behind the digger which did so much work during the day.

(4) Jeff dealing to invading plant life under the watchful eyes of foreman Christine.