Wednesday, June 25, 2008

concrete is down

We had a very productive day on Saturday. We laid the concrete for the driveway, staked out the garden beds and finished all the fencing. The inside of the house was being painted and we even began installing the kitchen.

Thank you to all the enthusiastic volunteers who turned up. If you have lost a pair of grey gloves, we have them for you.

This Saturday we will be able to do the finishing off things inside the house, like put on door knobs and complete the wardrobes and so on. Come along and join in the fun.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Great turn out! More help needed this week

Last Saturday we enjoyed meeting new and old friends who came to enjoy a day on site. It was encouraging to see so many on site. The basement exterior cladding was completed and painted. Enthusiastic people in masks finished sanding walls and ceilings and some ceilings were given a first coat of paint. It was a good day. Thank you to all who shared in it.

This Saturday we will be concreting the car park pad, setting up boxing for the paths and doing some internal work. We have booked the concrete truck to come at 9 a.m.

We need as many helpers as we can to help with these tasks. You are invited to come and enjoy a day on site as we rocket toward the opening day. The time the Malcam boys are with us is drawing to a close so it will be up to our trusty volunteers to finish the job.

Friday, June 13, 2008

On the home straight!

We are getting near the finish line. Just a few more weeks left to finish this house. We have put together a schedule of work to be done to help us meet our deadline. We would love as much help as we can get, check out the work to be done and feel free to join us for days of laughter, learning, and some good old fashioned hard work (well, not too hard :) ). If you need to know the address (in Dunedin) leave a comment and we'll send you an email.

7th June
Complete exterior basement cladding and sealer to interior walls and ceilings.
Remove container and cut concrete drive at top.

7th - 14th June
Complete skirtings, retaining wall and door hardware fitted.

14th – 21st June
Fit out wardrobes and sand floors.
Finish exterior work including boxing for paths.
Sand walls and ceilings, doors and windows and clean ready for painters.

21st – 28th June
Paths and concrete completed.
Painting done by painters

28th – 5th July
Heat pump fitted
Carpet and vinyl
Kitchen fitted
Garden plots and clothes line constructed
Electrical and plumbing fitoff.

5th – 12th July
Hang curtains
Finish landscaping
Electrical and plumbing finish.

12th – 19th July
Electrical and plumbing finish and clean up.