Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some progress...but...

A few of us were on site for the morning on Saturday. We set up the power to the kitchen container, put the zips in place, counted up the tools and connected a waste pipe to the sinks.

As you can see by the photos progress has been made toward completing the concrete floor pad. We are told that the floor concrete will be just over a week away. Hopefully the weather this week will be good and enable further progress and two inspections to be made.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Work for 27th.

Here is an emailed report about progress at the Habitat site this week;

"Blockwork is now completed.
Reinforcing to blocks placed.
Inspection booked with DCC. Bookings are 3 - 4 days out at present.
Maybe Friday for inspection unless they have a booking cancellation to allow for an earlier time.
Once blocks and reinforcing is inspected, blocks can be filled, foundations backfilled and sub floor drainage placed.
Brent Allen will then prepare vapour barrier, insulation, mesh reinforcing and arrange for slab to be poured.
At this stage we hope to be ready for Saturday week for the frames to be placed."

So there is progress being made, but once again no work for volunteers to do on the new house this Saturday.

Some of us are going up there to set up the kitchen in the container, link up power, wastes and water to the toilet and container. If you are looking for something to do, feel free to come and assist. It is all preparation work for the start of our "real" working days when we get into building the house.... hopefully next weekend!

Friday, June 19, 2009

No work day Saturday...

Because of the snow the block layer etc. have not done the work expected up at the Habitat site. Until that is done we cannot make progress so we will have a rest day tomorrow. We are hopeful that NEXT week we will be able to really go for it.... maybe have the frames ready to go up... then it is all on.

Photo: Snow at last years Habitat house on Tuesday morning.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Warm day and warm company

All told there were 15 people who worked up at the Habitat site on Saturday. It was a very nice winters day and some great preparation work was completed. We resurrected Dave's throne room. Now if it blows down the next door neighbours fence will have to come with it! David (Rogo) and Kyle (It means "Dark and Handsome".) constructed a fancy out door wash tub and bench. A temporary drain ditch was dug, pipes put in place and the container was cleaned up, rubbish taken away and equipment sorted. Some of us also went across to Shona's place and concreted two gate posts in place. A great day's effort alongside Mike and Christine and some of the girls. It was good to get to know each other better. And one other thing, the rugby team Mike coaches won their game... better than the All Blacks!


Top: David and Kyle fill in the drain.

Second: The resurrected toilet with attached tub and bench.

Third: Mike and two daughters work on a fence.

Fourth: The sorted container... "Never been that tidy!" Some one said.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dave's throne room blew over!

Weekend weather lately has been frustrating! Last Saturday was a no-go day up at the Ashmore Street site, wet, windy and cold. The footings have been prepared but because of sickness and the weather the block layer hasn't been. Ken Foote has been arranging for the power to go on. ...But the wind blew the toilet over even though it was staked to the ground!!

Tomorrow we want to resurrect the toilet! (Well we need it!) We will continue with sorting out the container and sorting out the tools and equipment stored there. Some of us will make an attempt to go to Shona's house and do a fence there.

As always ring 4774848 to check the answer phone to see if it is on.

See you there. I am talking to an Anglican Men's breakfast so will be a tad late, but hopefully with some volunteers.