Sunday, August 3, 2008

A day without rain!

We seemed to have had rain at some time during every working bee over the last month or so. Shona said it had rained every day since she moved into the house... but Saturday was fine! A small working bee loaded Dave's van to the hilt (rubbish on the front passenger seat!) with our site rubbish from the walkway. The van with flat looking tires and springs took it to the tip. The letter box that had developed the droops, was strengthened with a bracket, and the previous house's letterbox was reinforced and also supplied with a bracket. Then all Habitat equipment from the basement was cleared to the container, the van again groaning up the hill with equipment in it and on it's roof. We finished at around 1p.m., deciding that starting to mix concrete was not on. Next Saturday we will continue the clean up and final jobs.