Saturday, October 24, 2009

A nice day all around...

There were not as many on site today with it being Labour Weekend, but those who were had a good day. We finished gibbing hall walls and wardrobe ceilings and a bedroom ceiling. Nearly all the walls in the main living area were completed. Some extra top up painting was done outside and a "person hole" framed out. There was a nice "feel" to the day with some new people among the faithful "old hands". We even had Richard there.


(1) Christine is now a non-smoker and Don returned from lunch with a bunch of flowers to congratulate her.

(2) The house without scaffold looks quite neat. Notice our picnic lunch setting.

(3) Don, Derek (A new builder bloke!) and Mike making like they are working.

(4) The ladies sort out some painting blues.

(5) Noel came all the way from America to play with Gib ... or "Drywall" as he calls it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

AGM Update and Labour weekend.

Habitat for Humanity Dunedin had its Annual General Meeting last night. There were some changes in personnel. Jock Watson a founding Director has come back on as a director. Paul McManus and David Brown have come off the Directors role. Paul Clements finished his stint as chairman of Habitat and Colin McLeod was elected to the position. Paul remains to give service as a director and we thank him for his time leading us. There was a report about the Christmas Carol play being prepared to start on November 25th. School Groups have booked to go. Proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity Dunedin. Watch this space for more details. They are looking for a large artificial Christmas tree to use as part of the props for the play.

For those still around at Labour weekend, interested and wanting something to do, we are still gibbing up at the house at Ashmore Street. From 9 a.m. till whenever. See you there.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gib, Gib and more Gib!

At the beginning of the day there were not great crowds in, but the team soon built up in number and people were all over the house screwing up Gib. Walls in bedrooms and halls were almost completed. Quite a few of the ceilings were done and people were busy in wardrobes covering the walls. We ran out of screws in late in the afternoon and decided to call it quits. 

The scaffold was down revealing a surprisingly neat looking finish to the weather board. Christine was running around taking a fresh look at her house, but also touching up the paint job. Mike started the Gib stopping. Carolyn Richardson provided a great lunch for us which we enjoyed in the lounge/dinning room of the house. Once again no photos. (unless Christine emails me her ones) I reckon by this time next weekend we will have fixed all the Gib on the walls.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gibbing Fun...

We made great progress today didn't we? Everyone worked hard, almost everyone was learning and we ended up with a good deal well done. We even started to put up the ceiling in one room. The three new ladies worked so well on their room and it looks good. ... they earned their title, "The Gibbing Queens." We appreciated the food from Elva and Daisy and there was a good spirit all round. Thank you everyone! We were so busy no photos got taken... sorry. 

See you all again next week.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Gib this Saturday...

I have studied the "GIB Site Guide" (102 pages of it!) from cover to cover. (One mysteriously arrived in the mail??? I found out that Building Committee convener Richard arranged for it.) We will rip into more GIB fixing this Saturday.

The plan... do all the brace line bits... work through the bedrooms one by one... do the living area then tackle bathrooms.

Then probably next Saturday tackle ceilings.

Sounds easy!

Cya there.

P.S. Did you know that at the ULearn Conference in Christchurch (1700 computer geek-education type people there) they are collecting money for the Habitat for Humanity relief work in Samoa. The organisers came to our Jane (she works for them) with questions about Habitat and she arranged for them to be answered. By Wednesday night they had raised $800 with two days to go. The ripples of our work go wider than we often think.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 3rd Workday report

A cold morning saw 182 sheets of Gib board delivered on site. With bad weather threatening our job was to get all 182 sheets in doors and stacked in logical piles. This we did before morning tea time. There was a continuous flow of people backwards and forwards carrying one sheet at a time, with Martin directing traffic. We did it and we did it well!

Then some finished some more paint outside, others finished the scribers while all the rest began to learn how to install the wall board. We now have 175 sheets yet to go on the walls. A good day, but much harder to see the progress. 

Next week we will knock a big hole in getting the internal walls covered. Thanks to all who turned up on this cooler spring day.


  1. No they are not praying... just making sure it is done right! Who is looking in the window?
  2. The old and the young consult on the next tasks.
  3. Dave worked in the cold outside finishing the scribers.
  4. The last sheet of Gib disappears inside. Morning tea time now!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Internal wall linings to start on Saturday!

We had a building inspector look over what we have done. Apart from a couple of braces in appropriate places we are all ready for the next stage. All the "Gib" is to arrive on Saturday so we should be able to make a start on that. We will continue to hang doors, finish off scribers, but by the end of Saturday we should have some ceilings and walls looking like ceilings and walls. We are going well! Join us for another good day on Saturday!