Friday, January 1, 2010

Mike & Christine marry.

At probably one of the first weddings in 2010 Mike and Christine took the plunge. The wedding was conducted not long after 9 a.m. at their new home on New Years day. Once again there was hangi kai to follow. (Including a beautiful steam pudding cooked with the hangi) A surprise for Christine was that her Dad had come all the way from Wellington and gave her away. Kay, an earlier Habitat home owner was a bridesmaid and Irene from the family we next partner with was a guest. It was a privilege to be there. A special time for all who know this beaut couple. We wish them all the very best into the future.

Photos: (Bottom to top.)

  • Christine arrives with a tear in her eye.
  • Mike and Garry wait with the minister.
  • Mike and Christine make their vows.
  • "You may kiss the bride" was not even voiced before these two kissed... and hugged... and kissed.. and cried... and hugged some more. I think they were happy.
  • Whanau sing in support of a speech made by Christine's father.