Friday, March 27, 2009

Change of plans....

Habitat Dunedin has had a change of plans for this year. We were going to build in the car park of the Mitre Ten Mega store but that has changed.

We have selected a family.
The family we have selected have ten children and so it became impractical to build a house big enough and then relocate it. We have negotiated with our friends at Mitre Ten and we will be doing something with them at a later date. They continue to be a very supportive suppliers for our venture.

We will be building as soon as the section is finalised.
We have been in negotiations to purchase a section for this house. It has been agreed to but needs to be signed off by people "further up the food chain." We have plans drawn up and await the final agreement so that they can be lodged for consent. So WATCH THIS SPACE!

We will be looking for volunteers of all sorts, individuals, groups, male and female to see if we can get this built ASAP for this family who are squeezed into a smallish house at the moment. If you are like me you will be impatient for a new job to start.

Dave Brown