Monday, August 31, 2009

A start made on the weatherboard

Around 20 people fronted up on Saturday to begin on the weatherboard. After the day one of the volunteers commented that "weather board is more complicated than you think isn't it?" I think getting started is the most difficult part, and we made a good start on Saturday. (Dave and Martin have been up today (Monday) and arranged things so that it will be easier next Saturday. ) Thanks to all who fronted. We had some great food and some new faces. Lily was one of those new faces and she said, "I'll be back! I'm hooked!" Great stuff.


#1. Some people get dressed up for Habitat! (Actually one inconsiderate couple wanted Dave to marry them on his Habitat day.... they need to sort their priorities!)

#2. Double trouble. Christine and "she's da man" who does "man's stuff"!

#3. Weatherboard started on one side.

#4. How many people does it take to put the first length of weatherboard on?

Answer: 5 women and 3 men! Very efficient we are.

#5. Early morning preparations.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Weatherboard time.

During the week a couple of builders installed the windows. The house will receive a building inspection today (Friday) so that tomorrow we should be able to begin on the eaves and weatherboard. The work day begins at 9 a.m..... come and go when you can or need to. Lunch is provided and you can be guaranteed some great company during the day. We have a leak in a pipe we need to fix .... :-(

As usual if it is cancelled due to weather you can find out by phoning 4774848 and a message will be left on that.

Photo: Doing fiddly bits of weatherboard on the last Habitat house.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Like..... WOW!

A total of thirty (maybe more.. they kept arriving) people and two dogs came through the Habitat house on Saturday. We got the roof on; we finished the ceiling battens; we got the braces off and the building wrap on. 

The wind made things a bit exciting. One sheet of iron got loose at one stage, but Martin was our "living paper weight" handing us the sheets. Tony the roofer was a gift from God, he was sooo good at directing us and for the second side we had a great system going.

A guy from a landscape firm called in to see what landscaping had to be done and ended up nailing battens. He said, "I only called in to see what's happening???"

Well done team. We are running hot!

Photos run from the bottom to the top in a time line during the day. 

By the way... Mike's rugby team LOST!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wow... it's all go tomorrow!

Richard, Martin and Dave went up to the site at lunch time today and finished a few jobs so that the building inspectors could clear it for further work. They came and with a couple of adjustments it passed inspection! The facia and spouting have been installed during the week, the weatherboard, the roofing iron and "stuff" have all been delivered.

Tomorrow, Saturday 22nd August we will finish the battens, put the roof on and wrap the house up. Lots of exciting work to do for lots of people. Come and enjoy the fun atmosphere. We really are enjoying working with this family.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lots of little stuff...

Saturday 15th was not as dramatic as the Saturday before. We were doing things like strapping the trusses on, nailing up battens and putting screws in the purlins. A number of the usuals were not there all day but we worked till 5. Richard made a very fine "boss" sorting jobs out for us all, but leaving a questionable character in charge for the afternoon. 

It was a good day with new volunteers joining us once again. It is always great to see new faces and get to know more people.

Again well done team. It did not look as if we had made much progress, but lots of little jobs were completed. As you can see, there were a lot of smiles too.... or were they grimaces???

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Saturday 15th Work day

After a great day last Saturday we look forward to another good day this week. The trusses need to be strapped down, screws put in the purlins, facia framing explored. All welcome to come and enjoy this part of the build. The frame work is often a great place to learn to swing a hammer and to work as a team. There is always a lot of humour, plenty to eat and good company. AND the weather is getting warmer!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just a thought...

I read this recently;

"Poverty is not the absence of money.
It is the absence of dignity." - Mvume Dandala

It struck me that even those of us who try to assist the poor can sometimes inadvertently take away their dignity by the way we go about it. This was true for me as a teenager when an agency tried to help our family. I hope we at Habitat don't do that.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What a day! What a team!

8th August was an awesome day at the Habitat site. Ceiling battens were completed, seventeen trusses were put in place and the roof frame work nailed in place. Also some plumbing was done. We all went home with sore nailing arms, and sore muscles. Alex, who has building/cabinet making experience joined the team and his input was invaluable. Again, for those not in Dunedin and suspicious about Dunedin weather, it was a great sunny day. We got too warm.

Mike's rugby boys lost their game. :-(

Thanks heaps team!

The last photo is to prove Christine does some work.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Work for Saturday 8th August

The weather forecast says it is going to be a nice day. Last Saturday we got 11 trusses up. This Saturday we plan to get the remaining 17 up, battens in place and roof purlins on. We hope we will have scaffold to make the job easier, but it will be hard hat territory. It is really fun working on the framwork and roof. Come and enjoy this time.

It has been great to see so many there and to have a lot of laughter going on. Tomorrow will be no different.

As always phone Dave's office on 4774848 for updates if the weather is doubtful.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

1st of August ... a great day

We had a good day on site today. 23 people passed through the site during the day. We had lunch supplied by the Business and Professional Women's group.... excellent stuff. Some ceiling battens were done, and eleven trusses were put in place. Let it be known that Dave (senior... VERY senior) measured accurately and young Dave and Kyle made the mistake! In spite of receiving heaps of cheek from a certain woman student lawyer Dave managed to keep a level head and between us all we put the trusses up and they actually look straight. (thanks largely to the aforementioned Kyle and young Dave)

Oh and by the way.... Mike's team won their rugby. Last week though they were soundly beaten.

If you were there today... well done team... a great start to August! Thanks for making it another good Habitat day!