Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday 12th December

Building Committee convenor submitted this report about Today's work.

As noted below, we just had enough concrete for the slab and Colin / Allan's pavers. Managed also to sneak a pad and post for the letterbox and also rear access from clothesline area to park.

Good effort today, shed slab down, pavers, letterbox post etc.
Wardrobe shelving in, store shelving in, vanities in, door handles fitted.
Found out what was required for fitting mirrors. All in all a good day.
Home straight now.

Harvey Meldrum is sorted to fit the shower doors and screens.
Carpet Court people are booked for carpet and vinyl.
Grahame Hastie, Kitchen guy has kitchen under control.
Plumbing inspectors are confident.
Ken Foote has electrics well in hand.
Paths and paved area will need washed down and hard broom to clean up.
Some planting next saturday. If anyone has some native plants, feel free to bring them along.
Any questions or panic attacks pending, please contact me.


Joking and tongue in cheek aside, we plan to have a bit of a session on Thursday night, hopefully erect a shed and curtain tracks if required.


It was a good day in spite of having to think up creative ways to use concrete. As well as work on Ashmore Street top soil was spread at Shona's house.

Very well done everyone!


(1) Hammerhead Shark design now embedded in the paving stone by the letterbox.

(2) Lunch time laughter

(3) Who said Richard doesn't work ... here he is seen in this rare photograph.

(4) Elizabeth working hard, she doesn't only make amazing shortbread.

(5) Paul getting stuck into a wardrobe.

Very Top photo: Shona says, "Top soil at last!"